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Berlin’s unique, charming old buildings, fascinating museums, tourist attractions and shopping strips bring together countless people of all ages from around the world.

Among the many sights you’ll find the TV tower at Alexanderplatz, the Brandenburg Gate at Pariser Platz, as well as the beautiful German and French cathedrals at Gendarmenmarkt. Furthermore, Berlin offers amazing shopping strips such as the Kurfürstendamm, a large business center at Potsdamer Platz and of course the famous German Reichstag as well as its glass dome.

Berlin is a city filled with museums which have many of the world cultures’ gems. For example, the Pergamonaltar and the bust of Nofretete. Only in Berlin will you find a unique and diversified history of a once split city – in more than a hundred and seventy museums you can find cultural, historical and scientific pieces.

The new and thriving Berlin with its many sights shows itself as an open and charming city for all of its visitors. Not only is Berlin the capital of Germany, it’s also the largest and most populated city in the country.



Potsdam is the perfect city for a daytrip. The capital of the Brandenburg state has many sights and offers an absolutely unique cultural landscape. If you visit Potsdam, don’t just visit the beautiful castles and gardens, but also its historical districts. The new people’s biosphere and park Potsdam as well as the Krongut Bornstedt should not be missed out on too. Finally, you can book a tour around the movie park in Potsdam, where you can get close to the action of creating full-video media.

We suggest you to take a walk around the beautiful inner district of the city to really discover its varied cityscape. The three city gates, the gorgeous town houses, churches and the many shopping strips with cafes, boutiques and restaurants make a fitting ensemble. In the Holländische Viertel – or the Dutch district – you can experience old, gorgeous architecture with redbrick buildings and their curved pediments.

Among the most famous sights in Potsdam, you’ll find the gardens and castles of Potsdam and most importantly the Sanssouci castle, which is known around the world. The Neue Palais, the new chambers, Cecilienhof castle in the Neuen Garten or Babelsberg castle with a park that carries the same new are just a few of the many, many tourist attractions that Potsdam offers.



Dresden’s historic district and the Elbtal were recorded as UNESCO world culture heritage in 2004. The cultural landscape in the historic district and the Elbtal, which was founded in the 18th and 19th centuries, encompasses many sights in Dresden and ranges 18 kilometers – from Übigau castle to Pillnitz castle and finally the Elbe Island.

Among the first things you’ll notice in Dresden is the gorgeous 147 Meter long steel bridge named “Blaues Wunder” – a true wonder of engineering in the 19th century. The world cultural heritage city Dresden also offers architectural highlights such as the Semper Oper, a pompous arrangement of pavilions with galleries called “Dresdener Zwinger”, the royal Dresden Castle with its green vaults, the terraces of the Elb river bank and many more tourist attractions.

The Frauenkirche Dresden ruins became a memorial against war and destruction. Architects began reconstructing the church in 1994 using salvaged components of the once devastated building. Today, the Frauenkirche Dresden is known around the world as a sign of peace and reconciliation and is one it’s most important cultural and historical pieces.

Dresden has many facets: A green city, a metropolis of culture and art, a royal capital to kings before our time – but Dresden also is a university city with livid bar districts and a vibrant nightlife scene.